The content that we provide consists of high-quality educational tools, not multiple-choice quizzes as offered by others. MOBOS™ is effective for a wide range of learning styles because it challenges students to think. MOBOS™ tools simplify and enhance your teaching experience if you are a teacher and enrich your learning experience if you are a student.




The MOBOS™ tools serve as essential elements and include features such as: video clips of probing analysis which grab the students' attention, reinforce important teaching points, and challenge students to think about the material in new ways; imports of current data from outside sources, such as stock quotes or tax databases, coupled with questions that challenge students to manipulate and apply the data — we then compile the answers and provide a useful summary of the answers to the educator; partner activities which enable students to apply academic concepts to new situations and to learn from one another; handouts of customizable professor content; word problems and a forum that encourages students to delve into a subject beyond what is possible within the confines of the classroom.



Educators know how to teach their subject matter, but many are intimidated by the Internet or do not know how to use the Internet in their instruction effectively.



MOBOS™ provides a unified, easy-to-use product that uses the power and unique features of the Internet to enhance traditional book-based learning. The educator needs no special computer knowledge; operating in the MOBOS™ environment is as easy as assigning a textbook.



People learn in various ways: visual learners learn best when information is conveyed in a demonstration, graphics, or video; verbal learners learn by reading text or hearing a lecture; and kinesthetic or haptic learners learn primarily by manipulating information. Yet the primary teaching method is with written texts and lectures, which favor the verbal learners.



MOBOS™ serves all types of learners by combining visual, verbal, and participatory teaching methods.



Despite the variety of multi-media offerings on the market, they tend to be hard to use or require complicated and expensive commitments by institutions.



MOBOS™ units are easy to use and are sold like software. To bring his class into the 21st century, a professor simply needs to register with Cambridge Educational Network, Inc., select the order in which topic modules are delivered, and assign students a MOBOS™ along with the usual materials. The professor also has the option to provide the company with the URLs of any supplemental materials to which his students should be directed via the handouts of each topic module, so as to customize the course material for each class. CENI does the rest.



Because the typical textbook has a lifespan of three years, it is unable to convey real-time data, such as stock prices and current corporate information. Such data quickly becomes stale.



After a professor assigns students a MOBOS™ unit to accompany the textbook, the course material will always be fresh. Unlike many products on the market, the MOBOS™ system has a long lifetime because its data will always be current. All that's required is a new license each year.



The attention of today's students has been formed by their exposure to XBox and PlayStation, and they are are active technology users, whereas the backbone of most teaching is the static, outdated, and often dry textbook or case study.



MOBOS™ bridges this gap by providing a standardized and easy-to-use web-based application that enhances the written text with video, real-time data imports, and student participation.

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